Sticky Watch

Your brand new external short-term memory

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Sticky Watch is a wearable voice memo device focusing on speed and convenience. Save tens of seconds looking for a pen and a piece of paper. Just press a button and speak, and the watch remembers. Simple!

Sticky Watch can hold upto 5 recordings at a time. Each recording can be 24 seconds long. If you need to record more, just get one done!


Number of Recordings5
Duration per Recording24sec
Playback VolumeXdB
Power Source3 PR44 button cells
Current Consumption (Idle)4mA
Current Consumption (Rec)12mA
Current Consumption (Play)30mA
Min. Battery Life750 playbacks


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You can choose from over 100 color variations. You can even tell us how to mix different colors to best match your taste!

Purchase (Coming soon)

SW Basic

SW Basic

Choose from limited selection of colors

$50 [Paypal]

SW Custom

SW Custom

Choose or mix any color you like!

$60 [Paypal]

SW Detached

SW Detached

No belt

$46 [Paypal]

SW Barebone

SW Barebone

Populated circuit board and inner-case only

$32 [Paypal]


Makers are more than welcome to DIY a Sticky Watch. Sticky Watch is completely opensource. Everything from the schematic to 3D modeling data as well as the firmware source code is on github and licensed under CC-BY-SA.
Github Repo
Don't forget to contribute on GitHub to make Sticky Watch better!